Technical Services Delivery Models

Intertec’s delivery models include outsourcing, managed services, and professional services. These models have been specifically developed to work cohesively with our customer’s organizational structure and processes.


This model allows our clients to focus on business goals exclusively, while Intertec has full accountability for the service provided and its components. Intertec is also responsible for the required processes and infrastructure and its integration according to clients’ needs. The scope is clearly defined before the project starts.


Under this model Intertec works closely with our clients to jointly provide methodology, direction and management of the project. The outcome is a shared responsibility as well. Intertec provides resources and will be responsible for performance and for meeting agreed upon SLA's.


Intertec provides our clients with the required staff based on their needs. Intertec meets customer's specifications for the staff, skills and rates. The client provides methodology, direction, management, HR services, a point of contact for each engagement, and is responsible for the outcome.