Program and Project Management

In order to meet and surpass our

clients’ expectations

Intertec engages professional program and project management principles. We funnel all of our requirements, skills, tools, and techniques into the projects we manage.

This means that, based on our customer’s specific requirements and our central methodology based on key industry standards, Intertec prioritizes the project’s scope, time, quality, and cost-base. Intertec project managers are experienced in agile development with over 30 certified SCRUM Masters on our staff.

When working on a project, we are aware of the need to address all of its phases. These include assessment, strategy development, planning, and implementation. Each phase requires a specific approach, meaning our highly skilled and specialized project managers design, organize, and manage specific elements during each stage of the process. In this manner Intertec ensures that all particular elements of the project’s development are addressed. As a result, we guarantee the successful achievement of our agreed upon defined solution.

Among Intertec’s Program and Project Management experience and skills you can find technology infrastructure services, data center operations, software design/development, PMO governance, and much more. By utilizing our experience and working in partnership with our clients, we work hard to achieve excellence in our projects.

With our Program and Project Management methodology, Intertec offers a series of great advantages. Our approach reduces project failure risks, prioritizes program initiatives effective, and optimizes internal resources. Our strategy not only enhances delivery (taking stakeholder expectations into account), but effectively improves return on investment.