Software Engineering Solutions for Skin Care Products Company


This customer is a leading manufacturer of extremely popular, effective and clinically-proven dermatological products.

The client tasked Intertec with the challenge of transforming their suite of online and direct sales e-commerce applications into a robust and scalable enterprise class platform capable of easily integrating with other top-of-the-line and industry-standard solutions. Intertec immediately deployed a seasoned team consisting of a Systems Architect, Business Analyst and Project Manager to the customer’s facility in order to directly assess the situation and plan the necessary strategies and approaches to meet the customer’s specific needs.

Soon after, a core team of engineers was in place at our nearshore technology center and fully immersed into the customer’s organization in a co-managed services model. Ninety days after the start of the engagement the client’s immediate needs were satisfied. To date the team has continued to grow and diversify into multiple areas within the customer’s IT organization, including functions such as IT contact center, business intelligence, architecture, development, design, database administration, test engineering and quality assurance and others.

Business Challenge

  • Initially the client’s life-long software services provider was managing, developing and hosting the company’s entire technological stack, encapsulating all technical knowledge and control over the toolsets’ development roadmap. Intertec stepped in to put the customer back in control of its own application by migrating an improved software platform to a cloud based enterprise level hosting solution under the customer’s direct control and establishing a transparent co-managed service model to ensure the customer never again loses sight of the accumulated technical and business know-how of their IT operations.
  • Understanding that software is as robust as the business processes behind its creation and continued support, Intertec initiated within the customer’s organization the design and implementation of industry standard ITIL practices for change, issue and problem management working hand in hand with a modern Agile software development framework.

Enterprise Cache Management, iBatis ORM, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, Microsoft, LightSwitch, SQL Server 2012, Objective-C (iOS Development), JavaScript & jQuery, Java among many others.


  • Intertec helped this important company to regain control over its technology stack by successfully managing its transition from a third-party / external vendor to a hosting solution that was under the client’s control.
  • Intertec’s team has been able to build a robust platform that is also interconnected with enterprise-level services.
  • The client’s platform has become much more robust since Intertec took charge of its development and support.
  • During the execution of this project Intertec has introduced better coding, methodology and process practices that the client has been able to take full advantage of. In addition, a series of improved ITIL practices have been implemented.
  • Since our partnership was established, Intertec has provided this client a wide range of services including customer contact center, business intelligence, on-demand projects and of course software engineering and support.
  • Intertec continues to work alongside this customer and establish itself as the provider of choice for all IT needs, under co-managed and outsourced service models.