Help Desk Creation and Implementarion Using Microsoft Sharepoint

Business Challenge

The main business challenge faced by the companies was how to implement an effective SharePoint platform in a corporate environment and take full advantage of its powerful and versatile features while also providing high-quality, real-time site administration and support to end users at a low cost.


Intertec assigned highly competent technical resources to provide the required SharePoint administration and support services through a help desk model. End users were given several channels of communication to contact the help desk for assistance about incidents and requests. Intertec resources successfully managed quotas, permissions and site security, provided basic troubleshooting and problem resolution, and responded to end users’ questions and inquiries.


Intertec implemented an effective support and administration solution for our clients’ SharePoint sites in close collaboration with their in-house IT staff by providing technical support to end users and performing basic administrative tasks. This solution allowed the companies’ senior staff to concentrate on other more important business needs and higher-value processes.