Establishing a Remote Monitoring Solution for a Central American Bank


Intertec was approached by a major Central American bank that required processes, procedures, and a support team to perform monitoring and maintenance activities for their corporate development environment and systems.

To meet the client’s objectives, Intertec designed a service delivery model to analyze the bank’s current systems and processes and introduced necessary changes to optimize their performance. As part of the model, Intertec established a remote support team at its nearshore technology center to monitor the bank’s systems and environment, resulting in a newly optimized corporate development environment that met the bank’s strategic objectives.

Business Challenge

The bank required IT infrastructure support to include:

  • Recurring services to monitor and support the bank’s existing systems
  • On-demand services to support new demands and development requests
  • IT support team
  • Weekly status reports of servers, resources, SLAs, and ticket resolutions>
  • Monthly list of recommended changes for the bank’s development environment


Intertec designed a service delivery model that met the objectives of reduced cost and improved quality. The solution included the following:

  • Remote support team at Intertec’s nearshore technology center to monitor the bank’s systems and environment
  • Analysis of the bank’s systems and performance optimization recommendations
  • Policy manuals and operating instructions for the nearshore technology center team
  • Optimization processes to upgrade server performance, including stabilization processes, server analysis, and patch application


  • Intertec’s service delivery model has allowed the bank to improve their current systems and processes increasing operational performance and efficiency. The bank’s system is now fully documented along with user instructions.
  • Nearshore technology center is performing remote monitoring of the bank’s development systems.
  • The bank’s servers and environment have been optimized and the necessary patches have been applied.
  • The remote support team now provides valuable monthly recommendations on ways to further enhance the bank’s IT development environment performance.