Document Management System Creation for Major US Bank

Business Challenge

A major US bank needs to control, prioritize and classify all the required documents coming from multiple channels in order to support the backend lending systems while minimizing human mistakes and increasing value.


We implemented a document management system using the IBM FileNet platform for document storage and retrieval together with a workflow process to control the document review and validation. We also developed an ingestion system for the multiple channels to feed the document repository along with a customized graphical user interface for internal validation. The application provides a way to search for pending and completed tasks, includes an assembly document tool to create multiple documents from a single file, and also has full audit of the user activities.


The implemented systems led to more Agile processes, increment of credit applications being received and reviewed per month, less response time from the bankers to the customers, reduction in process errors by automating B2B communication and reducing human interaction between systems, and expansion of the system across the enterprise.