Digital Transformation Solutions for Gaming Company


At the beginning of 2011, Intertec was selected to lead the research and new development for one of the top casino providers in USA and Mexico. In a very competitive casino market the top industry leaders need to provide innovative ways to merge the classic slot machine games with the top notch technologies to provide the gamers a new and fresh gaming experience.

During the first year of partnership we explored new opportunities to create a unique player profile to be shared across multiple platforms and devices, including the emerging social networks and ultimate web technologies. Along with the new player profile features, side projects were started to provide an extended experience while the player is at the casino. A new sign project and tournament projects were started as part of the new strategy to gain player attraction.

Intertec was able to create a solid architecture with multiple applications and services to provide extensive support to multiple lines of businesses and stake holder requirements.


Intertec’s Costa Rican Nearshore team of Microsoft .NET developers started with the understanding of the current application’s architecture, which was at that time very complex and involved more than 50 applications and services. The team then defined QA and development processes that fit the customer tools and processes, and ensured a smooth development process.

Based on high level requirements provided by the customer, the Costa Rican team analyzed, researched, and provided proof of concept development for each requirement. Every concept was constantly validated with the customer to ensure it met the expectations and business objectives.

The new systems were created using the ultimate frameworks to ensure the best performance and ultimate features implementation. .Net Framework 4.0, raw JavaScript, ASP MVC 4, HTML5 and CCS3 were some of the technologies used to create a robust architecture.

Intertec continues working with the customer by developing, upgrading, researching and maintaining top of the line casino web applications.


Through the utilization of services from Intertec’s nearshore technology center, the customer was able to position themselves as a top leader on innovation and research in the casino industry. The constant improvement of the development processes allowed Intertec to deliver better and faster products and features, which ultimately reduced delivery time and 30% of costs.