Development of Shop Floor Control System


As one of the world’s largest industrial distributors of electronic parts, enterprise computing and storage products, and embedded subsystems, this company holds a vital position in the global technology supply chain. Their challenge was to build a high-functionality shop floor control system that would offer customers online access to order status and improve supply chain process, helping to increase the company’s market share. The company chose Intertec to build a 9-module system to support first article manufacturing and tracking, along with an interface spanning three global enterprise systems in order to provide customers a web portal to track order status.

Business Challenge

  • According to the client’s business specifications, a team of Java software engineers was challenged to create a world class shop floor control system to support improved internal supply chain processes, provide our client’s customers online access to order status, and support the sales organization in increasing market share.


Intertec helped the company design and implement a world class shop floor control system to improve supply chain processes and provide customers with online order tracking capabilities. The solution team included Java software engineers, QA analysts, and a team lead located at Intertec’s nearshore technology center. Intertec’s key tasks included:

  • Team management included Intertec team coordination, reporting to the client’s PM, liaison with the client’s SMEs, and time tracking
  • System development including Java development, functional specification, system testing, and go-live production support
  • Test engineering and quality assurance including system development validation, documentation audits, and end-to-end system testing

The tools used in this project included: Java, rational software engineering, WAS, and Spring Framework.


The new shop floor control system is used to manage first article manufacturing and tracking across the company’s global enterprise systems spanning Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. The new customer web portal allows for efficient order tracking and significant cost savings for the company.