Develop Systems for Tracking of Drug Licensing Information


These two leading global pharmaceutical corporations conduct business in over 175 countries combined and run major R&D operations in Europe and the United States. Not surprising, they demand a secure, reliable system to track drug and equipment licensing information and documentation across multiple regions, which is vital for government regulatory compliance. These companies asked Intertec to design a region-based tracking system to meet individual country requirements and provide automatic notification when a product license was set to expire. The new tracking system now gives the companies peace of mind that important drug licensing information will be secure, accessible, and reliable through their optimized internal systems and operations.

Business Challenge

  • Create a secure, multi-regional system for a pharmaceutical company to track product drug licensing and documentation information for product updates and new drug releases
  • Enable automated notifications to signal critical changes and license expiration dates vital for regulatory compliance.


Intertec deployed a team of software engineers, consisting of an application architect, database specialist, and project manager, to design a secure and effective web-based application capable of tracking drug licensing and product information based on file uploads from multiple sources. The application enables the pharmaceutical companies to meet specific country requirements relating to product license expirations, ensuring government regulatory requirements are met.


  • The Intertec team designed an effective and secure IT application solution to meet the need for regional drug license tracking. The application has an automated reporting system that, through configurable parameters, sends email messages when a drug or equipment license is soon to expire and requires updating.
  • As a result of Intertec’s work, pharmaceutical companies can now have the peace of mind that they will meet government regulatory requirements for drug and equipment licensing across multiple regions.
  • Intertec continues to provide application support and enhancements to both companies.