Academic Web Application Support Solution


As a leading international supplier of specialty educational services, products, and solutions, this organization provides an application management system used to track special needs children for 140 US school districts. The application spans the entire instructional process, including curriculum, assessment, special education case management, and other specialty areas. The division managing this product has more than 6,000 employees located in 280 offices. They faced a challenge with their existing help desk support team due to resource and budget limitations. They elected to work with Intertec to enhance their help desk support by assembling a team of additional qualified help desk agents to address end-user requests and perform other IT support tasks. As a result of Intertec’s infrastructure support solution, the organization’s support operations have been significantly enhanced, allowing it to focus on other critical business needs.

Business Challenge

  • Grow the division’s help desk support and report configuration capabilities by adding a flexible workforce that would be part of the organization’s existing team, handling end-user support requests.


  • Intertec organized a cross-functional team of end-user support and HTML coding agents based in Intertec’s nearshore technology center.
  • Intertec deployed a sub-team to one of the organization’s US locations to learn the current system functionality and end-user support service model.
  • While on-site, the sub-team began supporting real-time end-user requests, allowing for a seamless transition to the remaining team members located at the nearshore technology center.


  • Today, Intertec’s team of nearshore Level II Help Desk Agents are a permanent extension of the organization’s end-user support staff offering quality support services, including:
    • 8×5 email support coverage
    • Functional application support
    • HTML report configuration
  • The organization’s end-user support operation is now more effective and efficient with the newly expanded nearshore technology center team resources, allowing the company to better manage ever-changing business demands.